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Despite over one hundred years of research, psychology still seems to be in its infancy. Comparing with other disciplines, a possible explanation could be that, despite the successes of the fMRI, psychology still lacks a powerful tool for experimentation.

Taking the idea that ultimately the human brain is a computer, and that our conscious and subconscious minds represent the software run thereon, perhaps approaching psychology from a computer science standpoint would be fruitful. Unfortunately, existing computer science lacks any useful results for computer systems whose underlying software (mainly the operating system) is unknown and hidden.

Thus, a new computer science discipline is necessary. This discipline would have one immediate practical use and two less practical uses. First would be the government intelligence use of decoding and mastering a computer system designed completely in-house by enemy organizations. Second would be the previously stated application to psychology. And third would be the interfacing with the computer systems of an extraterrestrial advanced civilization or culture.

The boundaries of the explored problems of this field would be decided by the first and second applications:

  1. The only interfaces with the system are whatever pre-designed I/O software and hardware come with it; no downloading to another computer and looking under the hood allowed, nor is one allowed to crack open the hardware and take a peek.
  2. Pushing software to the point of crashing is unacceptable if that point is known and highly cautioned if the point is unknown.

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