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An Atlas in the Manifold universe is a materially bound, complete collection of unique Charts. In addition to the properties of normal Charts, Atlases have additional unique properties of their own. An Atlas is formed whenever a complete collection of unique Charts is connected entirely by matter imbued with magical properties. Pearson's original Atlases all had identical navy blue leather bindings, themselves imbued with Chart-like indestructibility. Thus, with a few notable exceptions, most Atlases are of this form.

Properties Beyond Charts

Atlases are so rare that most of their properties are unknown, even to Denizens. However, a few that Malcolm discovered during his existence as an Atlas are outlined below.

  • An Atlas grants its navigator not only freedom of movement between worlds, but freedom of movement within worlds. A navigator may teleport matter anywhere on a chart in exactly the same way they may transition between charts.
  • Likewise, an Atlas grants its navigator freedom of velocity. In other words, any time the navigator wills, they may change their velocity in any way they choose exactly as if a gravitational field necessary for the change were acting only on them. This is granted kind of as a derived effect from freedom of movement, as the navigator may continuously teleport between their current location and a place on that chart with the necessary gravitational field to give them the effect they desire.
  • An Atlas grants its navigator the ability to transition whole spatial regions of matter, whether or not the atoms are connected. This is limited only by the navigator's concentration ability.
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