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The United States of America is arguably one of the most successful civilizations in history, due in no small part to its system of government. However, a significant portion of its modern economy revolves around manipulating the ebb and flow of that government, rather than in producing traditional goods and services. I believe this is principally due to human nature. Current theories of the evolution of human intelligence put it as a result of escalating social warfare. Thus, human-controlled groups of all sizes and motives are tainted by social politicking. The federal government of the United States is demonstrably not immune to this taint.

Therefore, to truly free ourselves of the difficulties and distractions that are government manipulation we need a system of law that functions smoothly independent of human manipulation. Immediately, two possible solutions come to mind. The first is a government completely controlled by an outside intelligence, and since humans are the only known intelligent agents in the universe, we would have to create a new agent in the form of a computer-controlled government. This has been explored occasionally in science fiction literature, and the common theme is that we are simply not clever enough to create a computer program to govern that unscrupulous elements, or simply unforeseen elements, of our society cannot subvert.

The second possible solution is an axiomatic government. This is similar to a computer-controlled government, in that its execution is algorithmic, however the rules flow not from some entirely human-crafted program, but from a set of human-independent axioms. The only human-tainted part is determining those initial axioms.

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