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Moebius is part real-time strategy, part role-playing game and set in a fantastic pre-Renaissance era. Players take roles as kings of kingdoms, nobles in kingdoms, heroic wizards or fighters, or some combination of the above.

As kings and nobles, players manage the growth and prosperity of their patch of the world. The populace must be placated while satisfying - or conquering - neighboring nations.

As Heroes, players accomplish great quests for their kings and sponsors, bringing magical items back for them and fame and fortune for themselves.

Side Notes

Baldric Silversmith

Once a kingdom reaches a certain physical size, Baldric Silversmith's smithy will appear in an empty plot. As long as a city does not encroach near him, Baldric will inhabit this smithy. While Baldric lives in a kingdom, the king and nobles may use the site's shop to purchase items or load/unload already purchased items. Also, players may exchange quest rewards on a mystical currency only Baldric uses for whatever Baldric happens to have at the time.

If Baldric's active smithy is encroached upon, he will move to another random empty plot. He will leave behind his smithy, allowing its use by another blacksmith without requiring the construction of a smithy, but it does not otherwise confer any extra attributes. Baldric will continue to move plots until no unused plots remain, at which point he will relocate to the most mystical unused plot (if any) or simply leave the kingdom. Kings or nobles may specifically set aside a square of 9 plots for him, the middle of which he will jump to when all others (excepting those 9) are occupied.

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