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The Thomson home is located on a mountainside in Colorado. It is powered by a medium-sized wind turbine in the "backyard." There are a few cows and many non-standard farm animals.


Colonel Thomson

Abigail's father is the one who named the farm. He's a guy who spent twenty-five years of his life in the military and had a bit of trouble adjusting to life outside of the army. He decided to live his retired life in Colorado in order to escape from normal society. When he bought the farm he was so tickled by the idea that he named the place Boot Hill. Now he lives there with Abigail's mother and loves trying to take care of the various animals Abigail brings home. When he first bought the farm, he intended to raise cows, but quickly got very bored. Negotiating magical creatures around gives him the excitement he lacked from normal civilian life and he really enjoys it. His wife calls him Patrick and he loves his pin cherry bushes.

Rose Thomson

Rose Thomson is the mother of Abigail Thomson and a /b/tard. Rose spends the majority of her time on the internet in some form or fashion. While her husband was in the army, she communicated with him via IM during every one of his tours and thrived on the interaction with the online community. She roamed the blagowebs while stuck at home. Living anywhere didn't phase her as long as she got high-speed internet. When the Thomsons first came to the middle of nowhere farm, she managed to browbeat the nearest telecommunications company to lay down lines nearby and provide topnotch internet to the surrounding area. Some of her neighbors loved her for that.


Erikson is a neighbor who hates the Thomsons. He raises sheep in the farm next door. Even though none of his sheep have died from any of the monsters that live there, he hates them. The hatred came from a misunderstanding between what one flying fluff thought was playing and the sheep thought was threatening to eat alive. At the time of the comic, he is trying to grow a hedge between his farm and boot hill.

The Gump

The gump is a peaceful, large, herbivorous beast that lives on the farm. It frequently frightens the sheep whenever they see it over the hedge.


The Corax is a giant raven that can speak in many tongues, one of which is English. He seems very old and wise, though Rose insists that he can be no older than ten. He refuses to acknowledge this, however. He lives in a rather large nest in an ancient oak tree on the farm

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