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Commodore Rawkas was born on February 29th 1724 in the Virginia colony. He is a descendant of a dragon who took human form for love of a woman. When he inherited his family history, Rawkas discovered that one of the documents was actually a Chart to Gigantes. Where it led he discovered the history of his dragon ancestor: this ancestor was himself a descendant of one of the first dragons to be granted an Atlas by the gods. Rawkas took this knowledge to the extreme, believing he thus had a divine right not only to obtain an Atlas, but to use this Atlas to rule all the known worlds, since he had divine right at all.

Fleet of the Commodore

By the early 1770s, Commodore Rawkas had amassed a fleet of over fifty ships, with more in construction. Using the Chart of his ancestors, Rawkas found he had a much easier time finding Charts than in legends, as Charts are much more widespread off of Earth. Thus by this time, the majority of Rawkas' fleet is off-world, hunting other Charts to fill the Atlas, and preparing for the Atlas's eventual completion.

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