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A system of government based strictly on science is the only government that can truly be called "progressive," for it is the only one that can attain an objective definition of progress independent of the subjective philosophy of its leaders. Such a government does not exist even in theory, let alone reality.

What a Democratic Technocracy is Not

Democratic Technocracy is a system of government, not an economic system. It is the government's job to scientifically assess the success of an economic system at raising the "good" metrics and lowering the "bad." I posit this will be a regulated capitalistic system, but that is ultimately a choice for scientific inquiry to deduce. I also expect that rather than choosing between "capitalism" and "socialism" (i.e. macroeconomic systems), most of the effort here will be crafting microeconomic systems that maximize or minimize particular independently observable parameters.

A Democratic Technocracy is also not a true democracy. Citizens do not choose government policy, even by proxy through representatives (i.e. a democratic republic). Policy is dictated by scientific discovery, which is directed by the leaders elected by the populace. The democratic facet is the choice of scientific leader, rather than the choice of policy. Policy under this framework is deduced from existing scientific knowledge, rather than chosen on the whims of certain groups.

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