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Most state and local governments are required by law to provide various notifications and information to the public over the internet. Ease-of-use of the provided interfaces is not, however, covered by those laws, and often the standard government websites are so difficult to use that getting at time-sensitive information is prohibitively difficult.

The Government Tracker (or GovTracker for short) is a fully automated system to crawl government websites, extract information, store it in its own database, and present it in a standardized, easy-to-use interface. There are several difficult problems that must be solved in order for such a system to work successfully.


New Site Discovery

Traditional government sites have the .gov TLD. However, more "modern" attempts at public interaction will involve a presence in social media networks, like Facebook, that will be harder to discover and process.

Detection of Site Reorganization

Extracting Information from Presentation

Local Database Structure

Standardized Presentation and Access

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