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One thing that's very difficult for the average American to see is exactly how legislation and regulation affect businesses - businesses of any size. Both major political parties like to make vague claims as to how things work and what legislation and regulation leads to success or failure in business.

A possible solution is an interactive grand business map. This map would show visually publicly available data on every business in America from a certain initial date (say the founding of a particular state) to present. Businesses could be organized, color-coded, or preferentially shown, by size, industry, place of operation, etc.

First Iteration

To actually construct such a massive infographic, a lot of common data amongst all businesses will needed to be obtained. Obviously, any business has a founding date that must be publicly available from the state's Secretary of State. Less guaranteed data are, for businesses that fail, a date of dissolution and, for all businesses, number of employees. Additionally, yearly revenue may be available for most businesses. These data should make an adequate first version of the interactive map.

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