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The Magi are a loose group of tens of thousands to millions of individuals who guard the fundamental threads of the universe on the Earth. They accomplish this by dividing the Earth into territories and protecting each territory individually. A few magi do not know they are magi or even what "magi" are, however every magi has a natural respect for nature and the universe.


Cognizant Magi

Most magi are instantly gifted all "common" magi knowledge when they first become a magus.

Organization and Territory

Any cognizant magus will know only roughly how many other magi there are in the world, but the closer something is to his territory the more he knows. For instance, a magus knows exactly the extent of his territory, how many territories border his own, and who the magi are for those territories, and he can instantly recognize another current or former magus when he sees him or the magus enters his territory. Magi territories are not clear-cut; they overlap by quite a bit, with only a central region in each territory not part of at least one other. This allows magi to meet and socialize with their neighbors, combining forces when necessary.


Every magus, cognizant or not, has the ability to move, change, and shape threads, though those who don't realize they are magi tend only to use their abilities reflexively, and then forget that they used them at all at the first opportunity. A cognizant magus who completely leaves his territory instantly loses all of his magic abilities until he returns. A magus who has left his territory for more than one solar year forfeits his magi position, and the next strongest and most caring individual from that territory becomes magi.

Incognizant Magi

Very, very few magi are incognizant, and most cognizant magi do not believe it is possible to be an incognizant magi, seeing the lack of knowledge of one's true self as a perfect hindrance to protecting nature, and thus an "incognizant magi" is a contradiction. However, there are some, and they have a few qualities that differ from cognizant magi.

  • Incognizant magi don't have territories, or if they do, the territory is either shared with another magi who is cognizant or it is currently in a safe state and thus doesn't require cognizant magi to protect it.
  • Lacking the need to protect a territory, incognizant magi do not lose their powers upon leaving their territory (if they have one). However, most incognizant magi don't realize they have powers unless they must reflexively use them for survival. In this case, they briefly use their powers and then rationalize it away until they've forgotten anything out of the ordinary has happened at all. Hence why they are called "incognizant."
  • Generally, incognizant magi are weaker than cognizant magi, although there are notable exceptions.
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