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Welcome to WikiThor.

This is my personal wiki to store and develop my writing ideas and anything else I decide to post. The separate universes are organized by categories, so try there first and see what interests you.

Right now, the Manifold universe is my most actively growing universe, with The Dawn Malcolm my first, growing story.

Other writers hosted on this wiki:



Over two years have gone by since I last updated the wiki. The Deities game has grown and developed significantly. I have also started designing an Economics Game with my new wife. Once again the wiki is long overdue for an update, which I will get to eventually.

--posted by Ignirtoq


A year and 2 days since I've last posted news and a lot has changed. Most of the other projects have fallen dead as the associated real-world counterparts have died, while a new project, a game called Deities, has grown dramatically as the system is play-tested.

I have spent the majority of the past year teaching and working on my master's thesis, so not much on this wiki has changed other than miscellaneous musings and work-related material. I expect this trend to continue.

I have, however, updated the MediaWiki software once again, as the MediaWiki project is maturing very well. We now run version 1.15.1, and we were long overdue for this update.

--posted by Ignirtoq


Well it's been almost a year, and I've been quite busy. I had been hosting this wiki along with other newer wikis for projects I was doing over the previous 11 months. Eventually the instability of the redirect server caught up with itself, and in an Indiana-Jones-meets-Mission-Impossible-esque manner I had to grab the data for all of these projects while the server environment self-destructed around me. I managed to pull all critical information (i.e. everything except pictures) and store it in sql-script form on my school computer until I found hosting.

Now the wiki is hosted on a professional (legal) hosting site ( under a domain name of its own. My other wiki projects exist as subdomains of this one (e.g. along with a gaming forum ( that nobody seems to use.

--posted by Ignirtoq


Never was able to get my tunnel thing to work again, so I've migrated the whole wiki onto my redirect server. Hopefully it won't fry itself. Again.

--posted by Ignirtoq

12-28-07: Winter Break Changes

So I come home finally to fix the problem that's kept the server offline for the past 3 months, reformat the disk, reinstall Gentoo, can't fix the same problem, reboot, and the computer won't boot up again. I think the motherboard is fried. This may be related to why it hasn't been routing traffic correctly most of this semester, but probably not. So until I get a new one up and running, I have my laptop plugged directly through the router here and home and hosting to the 'net. I'm going to buy the new stuff later today, so hopefully I can get everything up by tonight, but I need to work on my MIT essay first, so it could be as late as the 1st before things are as they should be.

--posted by Ignirtoq

08-24-07: MediaWiki Updated, Permission Settings Changed

I updated Wikithor to MediaWiki 1.10.0, allowing me to set page permissions exactly as I wanted. Therefore now only sysops (so far myself and Rowdy) may edit pages themselves, but anyone, including anonymous visitors, may edit talk pages. Hence, without need of it, I have removed the short-lived Requests and General Discussion page. R.I.P.

--posted by Ignirtoq

08-11-07: New Very Notable Page

I've added a Requests and General Discussion page to use for (surprise!) requests and discussion of articles with protected discussion pages.

--posted by Ignirtoq

08-08-07: Universal Hosting!

Thanks to iptables and OpenVPN, now I can host this wiki from anywhere my laptop gets internet connection! This means it should be accessible for >50% of the time, which is not bad for a laptop I use for much more than webhosting.

Edit: Perhaps all is not well...

Edit2: Think I've found the problem: it's some issue with VPN. Apparently if I don't keep talking back to the VPN server, it can't find me to route traffic. I have a makeshift solution set up until I can find the best way to fix this.

--posted by Ignirtoq

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