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This page will serve two purproses:

  1. To develop the progression and background of the storyline.
  2. To organize the specific plot progression of the short story.

General Plot Outline

  • The Dawn Malcolm is currently in search of a Chart that links parts of the far eastern swampland coast of Niflheim to a near western desert of Sheol. Such a Chart would allow a force of arbitrarily large size to sneak into Niflheim, undermining its inter-worldly defense based around small attack forces.
  • The Chart is in the possession of a powerful Netherworld vampire (I have yet to name him, so for bookkeeping purposes he will be "V1" and this naming convention will be adopted for ever major participant without a name.) who has kept its existence as secret as possible, knowing its potential and wishing that never to be fulfilled, as most of the draconic nations are currently peaceful allies of most of the vampiric nations.
  • V1 is currently the scholar-king of a semi-minor vampiric nation, which is allied with a semi-minor draconic nation led by D1 who knows of the Chart's existence. D1 also knows much about the Manifold and of Navigator Pearson's mission. He personally believes Pearson to be a native of the Manifold, but has no proof of any kind.
  • D1 has thus bestowed a Chart upon the elf Brown that links Brown's small (in number of mountains, not size of individual mountains) northeastern mountain range to D1's nation in Niflheim.
  • D1 has also told Brown a bit of Pearson's mission, a lot about Captain Malcolm and enough about what would happen if anyone but one of those two were to get a hold of Brown's Chart.

Specific Plot Outline & Notes

  1. A young busboy, Wayne Wright, of a local port-side tavern overhears talk of a Chart in a place called Isla Achihuran. He makes his presence known and is chased to the docks by the two men where he is subtly guided on board the Dawn Malcolm.
  2. The boy attempts to hide amongst the cargo, but he is spotted by Seamus and brought before the captain, who worms the Chart information out of him.
  3. Under much of the boy's confusion they set sail for the Canary Islands.
    • Isla Achihuran is a Spanish-like name for a fake eighth island modeled after the names of one of the major gods of one of the major peoples of the Canary Islands. Rather than reference an actual location for the Chart, the name itself is a clue leading to the next clue as to its whereabouts. By the choice of the Canary Islands, it signifies that the next clue is at a launching point for expeditionary travels, and by making it reference a place that doesn't exist, it signifies that the next clue isn't on Earth at all, but on the world that is itself an inter-worldly launching point for expeditionary travels: Sídhe.
  4. The Dawn Malcolm is followed by the ship of the tavern patrons all the way to the Canary Islands. There, Pearson activates a Chart which sends them to Sídhe.
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