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  • Time Immemorial - Manifold springs into existence and subsequently "shatters" into the innumerable worlds around which the majority of the Manifold arc centers. The central world of Manifold is unchanged in this shattering event, but the worlds distinctly come into existence after Manifold.
    • The Denizens evolve on Manifold, warring amongst themselves as they climb the ladder of sapience. Eventually they start forming centralized- and finally global-governments, finishing with the time-proof Supreme Council.
  • ~20,000 B.C.E. - The denizen later known as Pearson discovers the natural connections between Manifold and its representational charts. He studies these extensively and eventually invents the Charts that drive the Manifold story arc.
    • Pearson travels to Niflheim and befriends a group of dragons. These eventually convince him to create more Atlases, which he does and gives to the dragons. They disperse with the Atlases, and Pearson is left alone wondering what just happened.
    • The Supreme Council learns of Pearson's work, and what later happened with the dragons, and exiles him to wander the charts until he has recovered his lost artifacts.
  • ~20,000 B.C.E. to ~1,000 C.E. - Despite Pearson's judgment and exile, other denizens begin traveling between charts, with a handful settling on Earth and dramatically affecting the progression of human society.
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