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Megacorp is a strategy game for 2+ players based on running a mega-corporation.


Core Game

Megacorp is structured with a basic core game (hopefully fun in and of itself) with optional rules called Modules that can be added before the game begins.


To play Megacorp, at a minimum you will need:

  • A stack of note cards,
  • A pencil or pen for each player.

In addition to this, it is recommended you have:

  • A large stack of poker chips

Each player controls the investment of his own corporation, and he begins play with $10 million. Money may be recorded on paper or with poker chips, with each single chip representing $1 million. Higher denominations of chips represent the appropriate higher multiples of $1 million.

One person must take the roll of moderator. The moderator will consult the rules to determine how each corporation fairs as the game progresses. The moderator may be a player or someone outside the game.

Game Play

After the setup, game play proceeds in a series of turns called "quarters." Each quarter, players write down on a note card how they allocate their money for the quarter. Money must be allocated in $1 million increments, but not all money must be spent.

Money may be invested into three industries or into sabotaging the industrial allocation of another company. At the end of the quarter, each $1 million investment into any industry yields $3 million in net profit. However, each $1 million spent in sabotage negates up to $2 million invested by the target company in the chosen industry.

Each player places their note card face down in a pile in the middle of the group. When every player has allocated their resources, the moderator takes the stack of note cards.

Corporations may not lend, give, or otherwise transfer money to each other.


When the moderator has the stack of corporation resource allocations, he must determine each corporation's progress that quarter. For each industry of each corporation, the moderator does the following:

  1. Announce how much the corporation has invested in that industry.
  2. Take that much money from the corporation.
  3. Find any and all sabotage by other corporations against the investment of that particular corporation in that particular industry.
  4. Announce the investment of each sabotaging corporation in the sabotage of that corporation's industry.
  5. Calculate the net investment (investment - 2*(total sabotage)) and give the corporation its earnings (3*(net investment)).

When this has been done for each corporation, the quarter is over and a new one begins.

Winning Conditions

A corporation loses when it has lost all of its income to sabotage and has no money to allocate for a quarter. The corporation has gone bankrupt.

A corporation wins when all other corporations have lost.

Example of Play

Maraya and Jeff decide to play a game of Megacorp. Jeff decides to be the moderator in addition to being a player, and he gives Maraya and himself a stack of ten poker chips and a stack of note cards each.

For the first quarter, Maraya decides to invest $4 million Industry 1, and $3 million each in Industries 2 & 3, so she writes this down on a note card and places the note card face down between them. Jeff decides to put $1 million each in sabotaging each of Maraya's industries, and he invests the rest by putting $3 million in Industry 1 and $2 million each in Industries 2 & 3. He writes this down on a note card and places it between them.

Jeff then picks up the cards and begins to moderate. He announces Maraya's investment in each of her industries and takes all of her poker chips. He then announces his own sabotage, and he takes the appropriate amount out of his own stack of poker chips. As he has invested $1 million each in sabotaging Maraya, her net investment goes as $2 million for Industry 1 and $1 million each for Industries 2 & 3. This gives Maraya a net profit of $12 million, and she will begin the second quarter with 12 poker chips.

He then announces his own investment, removes his own poker chips, and announces his profit. Since Jeff invested $3 in Industry 1 and $2 million each in Industries 2 & 3, and since Maraya did not sabotage any of his investments, Jeff earns $21 million in profit, and he will begin the second quarter with 21 poker chips.


Each of the following modules adds an additional complication to the core rules to enhance game play.

Variable Yield Industries

This module adjusts the multipliers that each industry earns on a quarter-by-quarter basis, adding a level of luck to the game.

Required Modules



For each industry, players create a stack of cards consisting of whatever flavor text they like, and one of the numbers 1 through 5. For balance, there must be a certain number of cards with each number:

  1. 1 card
  2. 4 cards
  3. 5 cards
  4. 3 cards
  5. 2 cards

This stack is then shuffled and placed face down in the middle of the players.

Game Play

Each quarter, before the moderator announces the expenditures and profits of the player corporations, he draws one card from each stack for each of the industries. The number on the card becomes the multiplier for profit for that industry for that quarter. The moderator then discards each stack's card into its own discard pile.

If play has not ended when all cards have been drawn, each discard pile is shuffled and replaced as its stack.

Example of Play

After Jeff and Maraya allocated their resources to their industries, Jeff draws a card from each stack. The multiplier for Industry 1 remains 3, so Maraya earns $6 million and Jeff earns $9 million from Industry 1. The multiplier for Industry 2 becomes 2, so Maraya only earns $2 million and Jeff earns $4 million. However, Jeff draws a 5 card for Industry 3, so Maraya earns $5 million and Jeff earns $10 million. Thus their net earnings for the quarter are $13 million for Maraya and $23 million for Jeff.

Variable Industries

Players may branch out beyond the basic 3 industries, extending their reach.

Required Modules



The moderator keeps a separate note card tallying which corporations invest in which industries each quarter.

Game Play

This module adds two additional rules for investment:

  • Players may expend $1 million as cost-of-entry to invest in an additional industry beyond their current investment. Further allocation to this industry this quarter is treated as usual.
  • If a player does not allocate at least $1 million to an industry in a quarter, they must spend the cost-of-entry to invest in future quarters.

At the beginning of the first quarter, players are assumed to have already spent the cost-of-entry for the core three industries.

Players are only limited in selecting industries by the setup time and resources required by other modules. For example, if no other module is being played, at any time any player may branch into another industry created themselves or by another company. If Variable Yield Industries is played as well, game play must pause as players construct a new deck for a new industry.

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