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In real life, foreign relations can get extremely complicated. Likewise, in MC there are many options rulers have for dealing with neighboring and distant kingdoms.

Diplomatic Relations

Diplomatic Relations is an attribute shared between two nations. It represents the common knowledge of the laypeople inside and outside of those nations on how the nations get along.

Between two human nations, there are

  • No Contact
  • Contact
  • Mutual Protection
  • War.

Between a human nation and a non-player country (NPC), there are

  • No Contact
  • Peace
  • Armistice
  • Cease-fire
  • War.


Between two or more nations, rulers may sign various types of treaties. Each treaty falls into one of four types: Economic, Military, Social, or Legal.


  1. Trade Network
    • Two nations agree to conquer enough of the wilderness between them through which to build a road. If enough roads are built, or if enough time passes, all wilderness between the nations will eventually be conquered and neither nation can grow at that border any longer.
  2. Resource Exchange
    • Nations either exchange bulk resources once, or establish a continuous trade for a set amount of time. A Trade Network is required to prevent losses during transit between the nations.
  3. Sanction
    • Two or more nations agree to sever and forbid trade agreements with a nation outside of the agreement.


  1. Mutual Protection
    • Should either nation go to war, the other immediately enters a state of war with the opposite's new enemy.
  2. Peace
    • A peace treaty can be made only after military attacks have been staged.
  3. Remote Defense
    • One nation sends troops into the other nation to help defend it from aggressors.


  1. Aid
    • One nation agrees to gift the other nation resources.
  2. Foreign Workforce
    • One nation will send some of its excess population into the other nation, and the nations will split the profit.


  1. Vassal
    • One nation agrees to forfeit one or more of the following abilities to the other: any or all kinds of treaty formation, wilderness acquisition, military raising, and war declaration.
    • Additionally, the vassal state will pay a tribute to the other nation in some continuous way.


When war is declared, the kings of the two warring kingdoms gain a number of options. These options manage the special economic situation of a kingdom at war and they manage how a kingdom treats prisoners of war.

First, by default, all trade agreements and formal trading are canceled, but a king can break "latent" trade as well, if there is any. Latent trade is the trading done by the populace near the border with another kingdom. If the kingdoms don't share a border, or the border is buffered by wilderness, there is no latent trade.

Second, the kings must decide how they will treat each other's prisoners of war. Humane treatment boosts local morale and popularity, but does not affect the enemy's morale or popularity. Inhumane treatment reduces the local monarch's popularity, but also reduces the enemy's morale. If both sides agree to humane treatment, neither side gains a morale boost, but both gain popularity boosts.

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