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Items are either earned as quest rewards (see MC Quests) or purchased. Quest rewards can only be used in a specific game and must be earned again when a new game is started. Purchased items are identical copies of quest rewards, but they may be migrated from game to game. This means a player may transfer an item between games, not copy, however the player may purchase multiple copies, potentially at a discounted rate.



Items come in three flavors: burst item (Charm/Gadget), conduit (Artifact/Invention), and enchanted item (Talisman/Device). A burst item can be used only a certain number of times, but it can be used by any unit or Hero. A conduit requires an elite, magically-trained unit to use it, but it can be used infinitely many times. Finally an enchanted item is the best of both worlds. Any unit or Hero can activate or otherwise gain the benefits of an enchanted item, and it may be used indefinitely.


Burst Items


The person that eats ambrosia is instantly healed of all wounds and illness (in and out of battle) and reverts 3 years of life (out of battle).


Voice of Lucifer

Improves propaganda campaigns.

Horn of Asmodeus

Increases pregnancy rates.

Crown of Belial

Reduces barbarian raids (out of battle) and demoralizes enemy troops (in battle).

Enchanted Items


Burst Items


Eye of Ra

Eye of Apep

Eye of Horus

Eye of Anubis

Eye of Ma'at

Eye of Thoth

Eye of Amun

Enchanted Items

Janus Stone

The Janus Stone takes the seven Eyes of Egyptian gods and combines them as would otherwise require an elite magical unit. This combination becomes persistent as long as the seven Eyes are in place. Removing or destroying any of the Eyes or the Janus Stone renders the effect void.

Merlin's Tome

The great wizard Merlin was fantastically intelligent. After watching any magic for sufficiently long, he could perfectly duplicate it. As one of his final acts, Merlin enchanted a single Tome with a weaker form of his powerful ability in order to help protect Arthur's kingdom. Spells cast in its vicinity are mystically recorded upon its endless pages. This is that Tome.

When Merlin's Tome is activated, every spell cast on the possessing kingdom not cast by one of its native inhabitants has a probability of being "recorded." That is, there is a small chance that it will appear as a burst item in the king's or noble's vault after its use.

Rod of Asclepius

Has ongoing healing effects and instantaneous healing of individual units or people when wielded by an elite magical unit or magically trained Hero.

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