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Magical funding in MC goes through three avenues. The first is Magical Training and Upkeep or MTU. These are the funds required to keep researchers fed, clothed, housed, and happy and to train new magical users (e.g. healers and offensive/defensive magic-based military units). These resources also go to upkeep of the various buildings used in magical training and research.

The other two avenues requiring funding are the two types of research: Basic Research and Applied Research. Basic Research blazes new paths of inquiry and types of thought. However, with Basic Research comes little new practical magic. Like the concept of basic science, Basic Research opens up new paradigms from which to explore Applied Research. Applied Research takes what Basic Research has found and produces practical magic from it. Like applied science, Applied Research can only produce so many practical applications; eventually the tap runs dry and more Basic Research must be done to open a new source.


Magic Cultures

Technology (Scientific)

High Magic (Alchemical and Philosophical)

  • Teleportation sigils
  • Greek fire
  • Wards of all kinds

Spiritualism (Druidic and Animist)

  • Turn farm animals into weapons of war
    • Drawback: if a farm animal is killed in battle, its counterpart outside dies, just like soldiers. This could cause food problems if abused.
  • Summon ancestor to help forge political deal
    • Lowers public opposition to any particular political or social activity.

Necromancy (Primal and Alien)

  • Ex nihilo ad nihilo
    • (in battle) Removes a patch of the universe - including those inside it - from existence.
    • (out of battle) Teleports groups of people.
  • Fletcher's Curse
    • (in battle) Freezes a group of people until the end of battle.
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