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  • Warrior - Weapons
  • Archer - Advanced Weapons
  • Pikeman - Specialized Training
  • Mounted Warrior - War Animals
  • Catapult - Siege Engines


Warrior Archer Pikeman Mtd. Warrior Catapult
Warrior X Archer X Mtd. Warrior Warrior
Archer Archer X X Archer Poor
Pikeman X X X Pikeman Poor
Mtd. Warrior Mtd. Warrior Archer Pikeman X Catapult
Catapult Warrior Poor Poor Catapult X

Key: The unit stated in the middle defeats the other unit easily. An "X" means each is neutral versus the other. "Poor" means each is not very effective versus the other.


All constructions require at least knowledge of Tools from the Social Welfare tree.

  • Wall - Weapons

A wall can be built on one or more edges of a tile. No unit can pass through a wall without destroying it first, which no unit will do unless specifically ordered to attack the wall.

  • Gate - Weapons

A gate can be built on one or more edges of a tile. If no military units are stationed in it, it is unowned and any unit may pass through it as if the edge is unobstructed. If military units are stationed in it, it will follow the foreign policies of the nation that owns the units unless given specific orders otherwise.

  • Fort - Strategy and Tactics

A fort occupies one or more squares of territory owned by the nation that builds it. It trains military units at twice the normal rate and automatically draws food and supplies from nearby storage facilities, or from nearby farms if storage is not close enough.

  • Base - Logistics

A base occupies one or more squares of territory that need not be owned by the builder. It will automatically draw from food stores if there is a connected path from it to one of the builder's food stores. It can also be supplied by the hosting nation if the right treaty options have been established.


  • Attack - Weapons
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