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Navigator Pearson (or just Pearson) is a Manifold denizen. He was the first to discover charts and the first to make Charts to the charts. He trusted the first sapient chart-dwellers he found with a number of Atlases. These dwellers later betrayed Pearson and scattered the Charts across the known universe. For his grievous error, Pearson was sentenced by his denizen peers to a life of finding and collecting the stolen Charts from whatever non-denizens may now have them. In this endeavor he has little success until he meets Malcolm. Pearson manages to secure a ship and gifts it to Malcolm, christening it "the Dawn Malcolm" in honor of him and the dawning of their quests together. He spends the majority of the stories in the Manifold universe as the chief navigator and sailing master aboard the Dawn Malcolm until its final voyage, where he transforms the Captain into the first living Atlas. After this blatant violation of the denizens' sentence, Pearson is locked in an unknown, unexplored chart until Malcolm finally recovers all of the Charts and returns them to the denizens in the Mist universe.


Pearson is one of the first generation of Manifold denizens to achieve immortality, and is thus one of the oldest living creatures in the universe. He was a physical scientist who discovered physical proof of the Shattering shortly after the denizens achieved immortality. He then used his discoveries to create the first Atlas to travel to ancient Niflheim. There he befriended a band of unsavory dragons. They convinced him to go back to the Manifold and make many, many more Atlases to give to them. Pearson, in his nascent naïveté, does exactly as they request, and after the dragons steal the Atlases, they abandon Pearson and spread the Atlases and the Charts therein across the cosmos.

When the other first-generation immortal denizens discover all that he has done, they fear that the dragons and anyone else the dragons may find in the other charts Pearson had connected may discover how to reach the Manifold and come en masse to destroy them. Having recently discovered immunity from aging, death by physical trauma was the last means of killing a denizen, and a sudden potential threat of that scared the denizens more so than anything else in their past. Thus they found in Pearson a scapegoat. Therefore they sentenced him with the following rules:

  • Pearson may never again make a Chart in any way.
  • Pearson may no longer spend more than a few hours time on the Manifold.
  • Pearson must spend the rest of his time hunting down and recovering all of the Charts he has lost. These he will bring, Atlas by completed Atlas, to the denizens during his brief Manifold visits.
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