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p-Brane Explorer is a ≥3D game inspired by Miegakure that takes the idea of a game operating in more than 3 dimensions to the next logical extension. The prototype game for the 4+-dimensional framework is p-Fighter.


(Hundreds of?) Thousands of years in the future, mankind has not only mastered intergalactic space travel, but scientists have recently discovered how to, in effect, travel between universes. According to string theory, our universe is but one 3-dimensional hypersurface, called a 3-brane floating in a 10-dimensional sea of other universes, whose spatial dimensions range from zero to nine. Branes of dimension two or less cannot support human life, but with recent developments in dimension-stabilizer technology, humans can now explore and colonize universes with dimension greater than three.


Players begin on another 3-brane to familiarize themselves with the dimension-independent rules of the game. This consists of a number of tutorials, all of which are optional, but which are automatically activated when a player begins a new character.

The primary locations are planets that can be colonized and stellar and interstellar resource sites, such as asteroid belts and nebulae, though other locations may become strategically important.

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