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p-Fighter is the prototype/concept game to explore the more mind-bending aspects of p-Brane Explorer. The player takes on the role of a fighter pilot who is training for battle in higher-dimensional space (against the antagonists of p-Brane Explorer). He takes part in "mock" space battles that occur in regions of dimension 3 through as many as 10, making the interaction space literally infinitely larger.




The player starts in a virtual lobby and selects which scenario they would like to join. These are organized by difficulty and number of dimensions (only if these metrics turn out distinct, otherwise just by number of dimensions). Dimensions range from 3 to 10.


After selecting to enter a scenario, the player is randomly assigned to a team and joins the battle already in progress. Computer players fill out the teams to a minimum of 4v4, and as more players join, they replace computer players mid-flight. Computer players will also attempt to even out teams (the way this is done will begin with simply making teams equal in number, i.e. NvN battles, though if player statistics are kept this may become a more complicated algorithm).

Each team has a command ship out of which the player/computer ships deploy. At any time, if the ship's systems have not been completely disabled, a ship may dock with the command ship to have its hull and systems repaired, shield recharged, and torpedoes replenished. This action requires at least 1% systems and time to fly to the command ship. When a ship is destroyed, its pilot is immediately deployed in a new ship from the command ship and returns to battle.

Ships are powered by microwave transmissions from their respective command ships. If a ship strays too far, they are switched to autopilot and put on course to dock with their command ship, which they can subsequently abort at any time to recover control.

Ship Specs

Every ship is equipped with the same offenses and defenses.

There are three types of weapons: blasters, EMP cannons, and torpedoes. Blasters and EMP cannons are powered and unlimited, while torpedoes are self-powered (un-powered) but limited in number. Blasters and torpedoes do damage to hulls and shields, and repeated hits with an EMP cannon disables power systems, making a ship lose all powered features such as shields, thrust, and weapons (excluding torpedoes).

The ship is protected by a powered shield and a hull. When a ship is hit with a damage-dealing weapon, the shield absorbs as much of the damage as it can. This reduces the strength of the shield, but the shield recharges over time. If damage reduces a shield to 0% before it is completely absorbed, the remaining damage is done to the hull. The hull does not regenerate over time, and when the hull reaches 0% the ship is destroyed.


Ship direction is controlled by the arrow keys and the Q-A, W-S, E-D, R-F, T-G, Y-H, and U-J pairs, which allow the player to rotate through the other 6 spatial dimensions, where applicable, and thrust is controlled by the +/- keys, which make a basic throttle. Weapons are selected with the Z (blaster), X (EMP), and C (torpedo) keys and fired with the spacebar or by pressing the same selection key again.


A player can quit at any time by hitting the ESC key. They are replaced by a computer player and are shown their statistics. They can return to the lobby by pressing ESC again.

Road Map

  • Ver. 0.1
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