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The plot of Delayed Inevitable consists of several major story arcs interwoven with each other and separate, minor story arcs. Chronologically, the comic begins with The Blazing Bull minor arc, which is a subarc of Project Simulacrum.


Mexican Civil War


When magic returned to the world, the drug lords of Mexico were able to harness it faster and better than the Mexican government. This led to increased tensions and increased violence until the government declared total, nationwide martial law.

After decades of stress, the population found martial law unacceptable. The drug lords used this to their advantage and staged a coup, assassinating several key members of the Mexican government. However, the populace would not accept any puppet government the drug lords attempted to install in its place, so the nation descended into anarchy and chaos.

In the midst of this chaos, some of the the northern Mexican states, being more economically entwined with the United States than the rest of Mexico, decided it would be in their best interests to secede and join the stability of the United States. Grass-roots campaigns, funded by industry, initiated a general referendum, and the peoples of these most northern regions voted beyond the required 60% to secede.

However, the national government did not disintegrate entirely, and enough structure and power remained in the Mexican military to support the federal government's decision to reject the north's attempt at secession. So, in short order, troops were dispatched to break up illegal governments and militias forming in the north.

The drug lords of this region recognized acceptance into the US would mean dealing with the US military rather than the Mexican military; a much stronger force. Hence, in a rare show of support, the standing orders for the drug lords' forces are to stay our of the civil war, or to help the federal government in cases where the north appears to be gaining the upper hand.

Possible Subarcs

  • Aiding the Aid
    • Humanitarian aid from the UN to some region has been cutoff by either increased fighting or a port blockade by one of the sides. The only remaining path goes through a mystical swamp that has bubbled up in the past few months.
  • Secret Weapon
    • The drug lords have discovered and captured Karina, and they plan to use her to take over the whole nation.
    • A spy has alerted the US government to this plan, and the FBI has responded by sending a consultant to work with Abigail's "team".

Project Simulacrum



Soon after the return of magic, the Chinese government discovered a strange egg that emitted large amounts of radiation in addition to producing many flavors of Liquid Magical Essence.

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