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The Tempests are the guardians of the Meganet. The reigning Lord Tempest spends the vast majority of his waking time maintaining the fundamental stability of the 65,530 active dimensions, while the rest of the Tempests wage a hidden war against the [[Lancasts] for control of those dimensions. The Tempests exist unified from the Great Migration onto the Meganet until its eventual collapse five Earth years later.


The first group of Tempests was comprised of the nine hundred ninety-nine highest Government officials during the Great Migration and Aden, the young adult who had invented the transducer at age nine. They had planned to become the digital guardians of the Meganet while Earth was being repaired. Thus they programmed it to give administrator privileges to the last thousand transductees and root privileges to the final transductee.

However, like the rest of humanity, the officials and Aden immediately lost all of their memories upon transduction onto the Meganet.


The Tempests have a seven-tiered hierarchy based upon the training and knowledge of each Tempest, but most distinguishable by the ever-increasing array of tools and weapons at the disposal of the higher ranking members. The highest tier is reserved for the Lord himself and grants its member complete control over every process in one dimension or minor control over all processes on the Meganet.

Notable Tempests

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