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The other projects and ideas I've developed on this site have revolved around progressing or furthering one particular aspect of the human existence or of human understanding. The Final Project progresses all aspects of the human existence and all parts of human understanding. However, it's somewhat of a misnomer; a successful execution of the final project leads to the complete unencumbrance of the individual from his basic needs. The Final Project births the capability to begin any other endeavor in the pursuit of anything, without the burden of the human existence.

The First Stage of the project is to deduce the absolute minimums for human sustenance. This is not the minimum amount of food to keep a catatonic body functioning at minimal capacity; this is the minimum amount of resources to allow the human body to push itself to its extremes in any way and the project can support it without difficulty. Such resources are food, water, and air, but also space, human contact, light, and so forth. The next requirement is to find the minimum amount of technology and additional resources to completely automate the task of producing for the human's needs.

The end result I envision is a giant box with a clear roof. Sunlight, the only external energy source, streams in to power everything functioning inside the box. Food is grown, electricity is generated, water is purified, and the only export/waste of the box is entropy.

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