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I started Wikithor in August of 2007 to try to inspire myself to write again. I figured the best way for me to write better works would be if I could just put down all of the ideas flying around in my head first and worry about organizing the resulting mess into a coherent plot or story later. This is the result of that endeavor.

So far the work I've put into this is minimal. School comes first, so I only have a small subset of what's in my head noted here. Around every sentence is an hour's worth of intense thought and reasoning.

Other Contributors

Realizing I probably won't use this to its full potential before technology once again vastly changes and a better way to do this comes along, I have opened up the wiki to a few of my close friends to better facilitate their writing as well. They are Rowdy and Maps.

- Ignirtoq 16:09, 28 December 2007 (CST)

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