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The world editor is divided into two parts/windows: a pseudo-3-D renderer and a map projection



Pseudo 3-D Renderer

  • Orthographic projection, center determined by <tex>\theta</tex> and <tex>\phi</tex> (possibly with an angle of rotation about the viewer's axis).
  • Receives keyboard and mouse events to control angle of viewing.
  • Exports to file.

Map Projection

  • Projection selectable (preferably from a dropdown menu).
  • Exports to file.

Original Wiki Entry

The Deities project has made me yearn for a simple, fast, small computer program that can convert between a sphere and 2-D projections of its surface. I have so far found little easy-to-use or even easy-to-install software that can do this, regardless of the operating system (except I didn't check for Mac; fuck Mac).

Thus, I have resolved to designing my own, though I doubt I will ever actually program it myself. It must include the following:

  1. Dynamic orthographic projection with camera source controlled by mouse or keyboard hotkeys.
  2. Simultaneous to the pseudo-3D rendering (the above orthographic projection), a 2-D full-surface map available in all common projections (Mercator, Plate Carree, Gall-Peters), but also uncommon projections (e.g. Dymaxion).
  3. On-the-fly re-rendering of the pseudo-3D model when changes are made to the 2-D projection.

The following list includes optional stuff I'd like to see arranged where more complicated options are embedded in further sublists:

  • Shading from single external light source (e.g. the Sun)
    • Shading from multiple external light sources
      • Artificial weather layer, possibly including a time-lapse ability
  • Inclusion of other celestial bodies (e.g. Sun and Moon)
    • Ability to shift center point to different bodies (similar to Celestia).
  • All of this as a GIMP plug-in, allowing the rendering of multiple layers.
  • Ability to convert to vector graphics.
    • Somehow including a way to control fractal constructions of shorelines.
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