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Norbert Milton Zachary Huxen, Jr. (colloquially Zach Huxen) is the world's youngest adept wizard, using the money from his family's estate to fund his experiments and research.



Zachary Huxen was born February 16, 2010. He is the only child of Norbert Milton Zachary Huxen, Sr., and Gillian Maximus DuPont-Huxen, who died in a private jet crash several months after his birth. Zachary Huxen is thus the only heir to the Huxen estate, and he is the legal owner of the Huxen Corporation, a private company that leads development and production of rare elements, such as Tungsten, Gallium and Selenium. Zach's uncle Milton Richard Bertrand Huxen III is his legal guardian and the interim CEO of the Huxen Corporation, until Zach comes of age.

As Zach was growing up, his uncle Milton directed the company in new ways and became intimately entwined with its workings and products. He has grown to resent that he must soon surrender all of his control over the company to the young Huxen, and he has spent the past 5 years searching for ways to claim ownership of the company for himself. Zach recently came to understand what is legally his and what his uncle is trying to do, and entered a conflict with his uncle. After a long conflict, Zach agreed to sign off the entire company to his uncle in return for a guarantee that Zach would have all of the money he would ever need to fund his research and living expenses.

Magical Research

As he is only 12 years old, Zachary Huxen principally develops technology that interacts with Liquid Magical Essence to make his magic casting as portable and sustained as possible.



On the Sudden Appearance of Magic and Its Quantum Interactions

In the past 20 years, the world, and most likely the rest of the universe, has undergone a relatively rapid alteration. The myths of magic from the ancient and medieval periods seem to have sprung to life, and with them they have brought previously unimaginable forces and changes.

This article consists of three parts. First, I motivate a set of simple quantum field theoretic assumptions using data from before and after the Shift. Next, I deduce the logical consequences of these assumptions using the standard tools of quantum field theory and differential geometry. In the final sections, I compare these results to several well known, rigorously tested magical experiments.

[Analysis excluded for the sake of brevity.]

This simple analysis reveals some astounding deductions. Several seemingly contradictory results of these well known magical experiments appear immediately from the single assumption that all of magic comes from a complicated interaction between the electromagnetic field and a new, massive quantum field.

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